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Madkaim Industrial Estate

LIST OF FUNCTIONING UNITS ( as on 19/04/2013)

1. M/s. Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd. B-2,3,4,7&8 Pharmaceuticals formulation tablets & ointments
2. M/s. Lawande Packaging Ind. A-21 Corrugated boxes
3. M/s. Encube Ethicals Pvt. Ltd. C-1to4,17to20   D-1 to 3,15, E-2 Ointment, lotions/Pharmaceuticals
4. M/s. B.T. Composites Ltd. C-5to9, 12to16 L.P.M.C. &  Moulded parts
5. M/s. Surface Coating Industries B-6 Paints
6. M/s. Astra Concrete Products B-10 Manhole covers
7. M/s. Vinayaka Liquors P.L. A-13,14,19 IMFL
8. M/s. Cartini India Ltd. D-4,5,6 & E-3 Locks, latches
9. M/s. Madkay Plast A-41 Drinking straws, plastic tubes
10. M/s. Goa Ispat Ltd. E-6 M.S. Bars,  structural steel
11. M/s. Ramdev Plastic Ind. A-34 Plastic moulded goods
12. M/s. Imperial Distillers & Vintners Pvt. Ltd. D-9 IMFL
13. M/s. Rajasthan Steel Furniture A-29 Steel Furniture
14. M/s. Pro-Pack Industries A-35 Corrugated boxes
15. M/s. Twenty First Century Wire Rods Ltd. D-9/1 Mild steel ingots/M.S. Bars
16. M/s. Amba Industries




Polythene, LDPE, HDPE, Polypropylene & Injection moulding
17. M/s. Ashutosh Ind. A-40 Paint solvents
18. M/s. Churi Electromech B-5 Electrical items & sheet metals
19. M/s. NHB Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. A-60,61, B-11


Cashew shell oil
20. M/s. Mandovi Distilleries Pvt. Ltd D-8 IMFL, Brandy, Whisky, Rum, Gin, etc.
21. M/s. Balaji Metals E-7 Ferro Alloys M.S. Ignots, etc
22. M/s. Richa Polyplast  P.L. B-12 Plastic chairs & buckets
23. M/s. Ramdev Polypack A-35-A Bucket, mugs, pots, etc.
24. M/s. Nishita Industries A-9,10 Precision components
25. M/s. Sonish Equi-Chem industries B-1 Steel fabrication item, fabrication job work
26. Ramnath Gas Services A-6 Storage of LPG Gas
27. M/s. Shubham Plastics A-30 P.P. Bags, L.D. Bags
28. M/s. Ramdev Plastic Ind. A-34-A Plastic moulded goods
29. M/s. Mangal Iron Pvt. Ltd. E-8 M.S Ignots
30. M/s. Quality Steel A-57 M.S. Wires
31. M/s. Coral Paints A-27 Primer & Paints
32. M/s. Aditya Polymers

M/s. Aditya Beverages

A-5 Pet Bottles

Bottling & packaging of mineral water

33. M/s. Rajkamal Fabrication A-28 M.S. Window & rolling shutters, alluminium fabrication works, steel cupboard, office table
34. M/S. Konkan Paper Products A-4 Paper tubes, composite containers
35. Elect. Dept. (Executive Eng.) A-45 to 49 Sub-Station
36. M/s. CNK Polymer Products Pvt. Ltd. D-14 Viscosity Index Improver, Sulphurised Karanjia oil, Malaria Larvisidal oil additive, Tackiness Additive & other Lube oil Additives
37. M/s. Water Resources A-42 Plastic bottles
38. M/s. Leela Distilleries P. L. A-16,17,18 IMFL
39. M/s. Shri Om Plastics A-31 Crashing of plastic bottles, plastic bags waste, plastic granules & injection moulding products.
40. M/s. Shantadurga Engineering Works A-58 Lathe work, repairs & welding
41. M/s. Lotlikar & Co. B-17-A,B-13-A Cement concrete roofing tiles
42. M/s. Asha Cement Products D-13 Pipes & Poles
43. M/s. Davico Composites A-59 FRP Doors, windows, FRP pallets, FRP Ind. Tanks, FRP ANTI Corrosion coatings, FRP Road signs
44. M/s. Shree Ramnath Logistics A-33-A Logistic & Warehousing
45. M/s. Sanchita Steels B-17 Wire (M.S.)
46. M/s. Ramdev Plastic Industreies A-7 & 8 Plastic moulded goods
47. M/s.Vodafone Essar CellularL. U4-A Mobile tower base station
48. M/s. Rebello International P. L A-50,  D-10, 11 Plastic moulded items
49. Shri Shailendra Panjikar U-7 Restaurant
50. M/s. Shakti Polymetals Mfg. Pvt. Ltd. B-9 Packaging polyethylene films
51. M/s. Sneha Polymers B-19 Reprocessing of plastic waste
52. M/s. Rama Traders B-15 Processing scrape papers
53. Smt. Sushila D. Naik U-6 General store & Hotel Industries
54. M/s. Shri Mahalsa Plastics – (Unit –II) A-36 to 38 Plastic containers
55. M/s. Sharmi Steel Industries A-12 Steel Cupboards (M.S.)
56. M/s. Adcoat Polychem Pvt. Ltd. A-54,55 Hybrid Polyester resin 50-50, pure polyester resin TCIC system, pure polyester resin & hybrid polyester resin
57. M/s. Jyothi Electricals A-43 RCC Poles, PCC Poles, RCC Pipes & Cement allied Products, etc.
58. M/s. Swadisth Enterprises U-4 Warehousing & Utility service unit
59. M/s. P & D Conveyors U-8 Conveyor system, conveyor rollers & fabrication of steel service activity
60. M/s. Life Science Automation U4-B Lathe Work
61. M/s. Tulsyan NEC Ltd. E-4 Bricks & Tiles from slag 
62. Smt. Tilottama G. Naik Shop No.2

Godown Nos. 1 to 3

General store



1. Goa Co-op. Marktg. & Supply Fedn.L. B-19-A Storage of LPG Gas
2. M/s. Kalpataru Industries A-44 Plastic granules, injection moulding Aluminium fabrication
3. M/s. Febmet Engineering Works C-10 Steel Fabrication
4. M/s. Savitri Steel Industries D-12,  A-52, 53 Ingots/M.S. Rods
5. M/s. Lab Chem B-18 Purification of analytical grade solvents
6. M/s. Neel Lab Pvt. Ltd. C-11 Plastic vials, laboratory wares components
7. M/s. Jai Matadi Industries A-1 Plastic bags/corrugated boxes
8. Shri Anupchandra R. Madkaiker Shop No.1 General Store



1. M/s. Micropulverisor A-2 & 3 Machinery for chemicals plants, plastic grinders & pharmaceutical machinery
2. M/s. Sindhuchem Industry A-32 P.P. Caps, Mono cartoons, Lables and Gold foilings
3. M/s. Techno Engineers A-51 Machine accessories
4. M/s. Bhagyashree Printing & Stationery A-15 Printing & Stationery
5. M/s. Que’s A-39 Masala paste, cooked food, vegetable & non-vegetable meals, noodles, chutney, sauce
6. M/s. Navdurga Industries A-20 Chilly powder, turmeric powder, wheat powder, etc.
7. M/s. Suman Engineers U-5 Warehousing/servicing & repairs unit
8. M/s. Mangal Iron Pvt. Ltd. E-5 & 5/1 Storage of finished products
9l M/s. Saloni Steel Furnitures A-11 M.S. Steel furniture, grills, gates
10. M/s. Rututek Enterprises D-7 Fabricated metal products
11. M/s. Neelkanth Steel Furniture A-22,23 Steel furniture & powder coating unit
12. M/s. Unique Warehousing A-24 to 26 Hydrocarbon solvents, wax oils, Rubber based solutions, distillation of solvents
13. M/s. R.K. Industrial Corpn. U1-B Corrugated boxes
14. M/s. Aditya Pet Technology B-13 Pet performs & pet plastics
15. M/s. Anbee Pipings Pvt. Ltd


Braided plastic pipes, gardening pipes


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